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bespoke single storey house
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Bespoke single storey house NI

This beautiful contemporary bespoke single storey house NI is built of stone, glass and white rendered walls. It was a replacement dwelling for the clients’ bungalow that they had built around 30 years previously. The new house captures the views of the lake from the three glazed corners. As the client remarked shortly after moving in: ‘I have seen more of the lake in last six months than the I have in the last thirty years!’. Mission accomplished.

The idea

Set into a hill and overlooking a small lake, this bespoke single storey house in NI is composed of three abutting pavilions, differing only in length, accentuated with three tall chimneys – one on each pavilion. This rhythm of three repeating forms gives a strong architectural identity to the house.


Inside the house, each of the three pavilions has a stepped section. This is where one half follows the line of the pitched roof, and the other half steps down into a flat ceiling to give a more intimate space for seating or sleeping. Each of the pavilions is then linked together in an open-plan arrangement. This gives the feeling, internally, that the space is continuously undulating across the terrain of the plan.

Light comes in from the corner windows and gable windows casting sunlight across the spaces throughout the day.

The advantages

Bespoke single storey houses in NI are generally mock neo-georgian bungalows and although perfectly functional, they are predictable. Jane Burnside wanted to make the bungalow an exciting place in which to live – a house that would lift the soul. For some years now she has been developing the idea of re-working the form of the traditional cottage into something more modern and light filled. She called this her pavilion. She then developed this idea by looking at traditional groupings of Irish cottages – called clachans – and by combining several pavilions together formed the modern version of the Irish clachan. In doing so, she has created an inspiring range of pavilion houses, of which the Loughview House is one.