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bespoke two storey farmhouse NI

Hayfield House: bespoke two storey house, Co Antrim, NI.

This modern self build house in Co Antrim by bespoke house architect in NI, Jane Burnside, is a stunning contemporary farmhouse overlooking the hayfields of the family farm near Lisburn. This one-off self-build in NI, with it’s glass corners overlooking the hay fields is filled with light. It was designed for a young family and was completed on time and within budget.

The idea

The house consists of three identical two-storey pavilions pressed into each other to form an open-plan living arrangement on ground level with bedrooms above. To the North-East, gaining the morning sun, is the arrival courtyard and farm buildings. To the South-West, gaining the afternoon sun, is the garden and terrace which leads on to the hay fields.

The arrival courtyard presents the modest side of the house, with windows simply cut into the white masonry walls. The terrace area contrasts with this, presenting three glazed corners of folded glass.

Internally, the open-plan kitchen and living area combine with a double-height, glazed, dining area. Large sliding doors open from these spaces on to the broad terrace for evening use.

The build

The house is traditionally built with blockwork but is given its lightness with a fine steel frame. The whole house is highly insulated and has an excellent air tightness rating due to its build quality.

A curved stair, contained within the corner tower of a pavilion, together with a curved gallery over the dining area, contrast with the rectilinear form of the building.

Bespoke house architect

Jane Burnside is a bespoke house architect in NI with 25 years of experience designing amazing one-off modern houses for contemporary living. All her houses are uniquely designed by Jane. This means that your home will be designed with Jane’s expert eye for beauty, balance and detail. And she will bring to your new home her inimitable talent for maximising views and capturing sunlight, thereby getting the most from your site.