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Glass House Ards Peninsula By Jane Burnside Architects

Glass House – check out drone video of our inspirational farm house on the Ards Peninsula

Welcome to the inspirational Glass House on the Ards Peninsula of Northern Ireland. Whoever said that the Planners of NI never allowed houses on hilltops, or a lot of glass, or a contemporary house? This house ticked all those boxes and still got approval from the Planners because it was designed to belong to the hilltop setting, overlooking the farmer’s land and shaped to form a new farm yard with the existing farm buildings. I love the big bold number three that the clients commissioned for the side of the house! No visitors are going to miss that!

The semi-circular ha-ha wall is a new take on an old idea which allows a fence-free view of the pastures from the house and garden. The white curve blends with the softness of the landscape yet its precision reflects the strict geometry of the pavilions.

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