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HP-HL-bespoke single storey

bespoke single-storey
Contemporary house in Co Down Northern Ireland, set into a hill and overlooking a lake, it is composed of three abutting pavilions, differing only in length…

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HP-HL-bespoke two storey

bespoke two-storey
Modern farmhouse in Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, overlooking the hayfields, this house for a young family consists of three identical two-storey pavilions..

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HP-HL-Listed building extensions

listed building extensions
A contemporary extension to a Grade 2 Listed house in Belfast. Our client wanted space and light from a new extension…

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          the book


As you journey through Architect Jane Burnside’s book you’ll discover that designing a contemporary house in Ireland is not the same thing as being faddish….

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Photo 2 Jane_700_476

author jane burnside
Jane Burnside is an award-winning architect in Northern Ireland, based in Co Antrim. She is a specialist in contemporary rural house design and finalist in BBC House of the Year….

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book reviews
Building a one-off home in rural Ireland is a daunting challenge and comes with a heavy responsibility…

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